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Hoi T Pham

Hoi T. Pham

I am an author with a passion for stories about the human spirit overcoming adversity. BROKEN is my debut novel, written during weekends, after work, during family holidays, and generally whenever I had a bit of time and was not sleeping.

I have been lucky to work around the world for my day job. However no matter where I am, I still call Australia home, having migrated to Sydney when I was a toddler with my six brothers and sisters.

When not ‘doing time’ behind my office desk, I enjoy travelling, films, swimming, fitness, and tennis – having coached my children when they were younger. 

My first screenplay secured funding from the Australian Film Office many moons ago, so it was only recently that circumstances availed itself that I decided to pick up the pen and write again, so I’m looking forward to writing both novels and screenplays that have been trapped in my head for so long.

I live with my wife and two children and can’t cook to save my life… though it is something I’m trying to change. Wish me luck!

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I’ve always been interested in stories about upheavals that challenges the human spirit. As a result of events in the office, I was inspired to put pen to paper (or, more like, fingers to keyboard), and wanted to show that everyone struggles in their own way but not everyone talks about it.

Too long! From start to finish, it took me about 5 years of weekend work, interrupted holidays, early mornings, late nights, hundreds cups of coffees and even more frustration. But enough sharing my pain as an author. If you want to know more about my writing journey, you can Join the HTP Crew.  

I guess it depends on who you ask! I would say because I just can’t but my wife would say it’s because I’ve been spoilt and lazy! Somehow, I prefer my version of the truth. 

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