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Writing blogs

My writing blogs covers my journey as an author, and is a reflection of my development as a writer and journals my navigation around the self-publishing process. 

These writings are imperfect and doesn’t pretend to be the definitive guide to writing fiction or the process associated to it. However, it did help me draft my soon-to-be-released novel, Broken. Have a read and contribute by leaving your comment so we can all learn together. If you’re interested with keeping up with the latest on Broken, join the HTP Crew newsletter and be one of the first to read my book and let me know how you think about it.

Life blogs

My life blogs covers my life as an expatriate living in Hong Kong with my wife and two kids. 

One of my aims in life is to learn how to cook. The last time I tried was when I cooked instant noodles for my then-girlfriend, now-wife, which was so bland that I was barred from cooking again (nice trick, huh?). 

Tune in to see my amazing cooking talents *ahem*.

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