A novel by Hoi T. Pham

An ambitious woman.
A dysfunctional family.
A workplace sexual assault.

Will Sophia overcome the odds or will she be broken?


A novel by Hoi T. Pham

Sophia is a hard-nosed, no-nonsense career woman. She doesn’t have time for the idiots in her life: her work colleagues, her parents, her brother – especially her stupid brother. She needs to escape.

When she is promised a coveted promotion at work, her world is about to open up, and it is her chance to finally escape the family who have long held her back.

But there’s no such thing as a free lunch and her boss knows just how she can repay him.

At a conference. In his hotel room. Alone.

Pushed around by the firm to which she has dedicated her working life and encumbered by her brother, Sophia’s journey challenges her to reconnect with those around her and tests her all-too-human limits. 

Set in Sydney, Australia, BROKEN is a story about struggling against the odds and finding strength where it is least expected.

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